5 Secrets to Baking Like a Pro

Don't be intimidated! Learn my secrets that make baking from scratch easy.


Red Velvet Cheesecake

This red velvet cheesecake recipe has an Oreo cookie crust. It can be enjoyed as is or topped with homemade whipped cream. Perfect for Valentine's Day or Christmas!  In case you didn't get the memo, I have a thing for cheesecakes. There are already quite a few cheesecake recipes on my blog; classic, mini, no-bake — you ... Read More about Red Velvet Cheesecake


Brownies/ Bars

Brownie In A Mug

This brownie in a mug is made without eggs, but is still ultra gooey and fudgy. Perfect for when a brownie craving strikes, but you don't want to make an entire pan of them!  Small batch desserts are the best. Whether you have a small family, live alone, or simply don't need an entire pan of treats to snack on, small batch ... Read More about Brownie In A Mug


How To Make Crepes

This basic recipe breaks down how to make crepes step by step. You can use this as the base for sweet or savory crepes! What Is a Crepe?  If you've never tried a crepe before, you're seriously missing out! Essentially, crepes are a type of pancake that originated in France. Unlike fluffy American pancakes, crepes are ... Read More about How To Make Crepes