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Live Well Bake Cookies Cookbook

Many of you have been asking for years if I have a cookbook so that you can have a bunch of my recipes in one place. I am so excited to announce that the wait is finally over and you can now order my new cookbook, Live Well Bake Cookies!

A stack of cookies with text over the top that says Live Well Bake Cookies.

What’s In The Book

Live Well Bake Cookies is packed with 75 carefully crafted cookie and bar recipes such as: 

  • Iced Maple Cinnamon Cookies
  • Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies
  • Brookies
  • Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies
  • Cherry Cheesecake Sugar Cookie Cups
  • S’mores Cookies
  • And so much more!

My readers have come to expect nothing short of excellence in every recipe that I share. That’s why I have poured hours into testing and retesting every single recipe in this book to ensure each one turns out perfect for you!

In this cookbook, you will find:

  • A gorgeous image of every single cookie recipe
  • Helpful tips and tricks to help guide you and make each recipe as simple as possible
  • A detailed list of common cookie ingredients and why they’re important
  • The best way to store your cookies
  • How to freeze your cookies or prepare them ahead of time
  • How to ship your cookies (and make sure they arrive safely!)
  • A detailed section on all of the equipment needed to make each recipe
  • Plus, a cookie troubleshooting guide!

If you love baking, I feel confident that Live Well Bake Cookies will be your go to resource every time you want to make a batch of homemade cookies! 

How To Order

You can now order from any of these retailers: