Happy Monday, friends! While I usually just share recipes with you all, today I wanted to do things a little different and share a personal post. Earlier this year, I mentioned that Josh and I built a new house. Over the past few months we’ve been getting settled in and doing a little decorating so I felt like it was finally time to share a post with pictures of our new house.

Home Tour

I’ll be honest, it was hard to pick just a few pictures so I decided to share everything with you. By everything I mean the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and even the laundry room. I’m also sharing paint colors and everything that we used because I remember when we remodeled our last house I found stuff like that so helpful. Hopefully, you do too!

And if you’re here for the recipes, then you can feel free to skip right past this post and I’ll be back next week with a new recipe for you!


A picture of a kitchen with white cabinets, black countertops, and a gray island.

It was incredibly hard to narrow down pictures for this post, but the main area I wanted to focus on is my favorite part of our new house – the kitchen.

Our old home had very little counter space, in fact, I would end up using my stove top most of the time.  One of my main requirements for the new house was to have as much counter space as possible. For the countertops, we went with a honed granite, so it’s not super shiny but it’s also not as dull as a matte finish. Even though it does show a lot, I do love it and it encourages us to want to keep the countertops clean too (ha!).

I also wanted to have as much storage as possible so we have some extra storage on the back of the island. There are also outlets in the island, which I love! I can move my stand mixer over to the island, plug it in, and have tons of space to work. We hid the outlets on the sides of the island, you can see them in the picture above on the top right side (they’re hidden behind a couple small doors).

A picture of two single ovens in an island.

When it came to the ovens, I knew that I needed double ovens. For nearly four years of blogging, I worked with a single oven and it could be hard at times. Actually, a major pain, especially if I needed to bake a few dozen cookies or cupcakes.

Because of the layout of the kitchen, we couldn’t find a good spot to put a stacked double oven. Josh came up with the idea to put two single ovens in the island and after looking through some pictures online I loved the idea, so that’s where we put them.

A picture of a drawer with dividers for baking pans and sheets.

On the right side of the ovens, I had them build a drawer with dividers so that I could have a place for my baking pans. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to have them because it’s right by the oven.

The matching drawer on the left side of the ovens is our trash drawer. I didn’t take a picture of that one, but I’ll let you use your imagination.

A picture of a pot hanging rack inside of a cabinet.

Another feature that we added to the kitchen was a pot hanging rack that’s hidden inside of a cabinet door. This is right by our stove top, it’s super handy to open the door, pull out the rack, and grab a skillet or saucepan.

A picture of a spice rack drawer next to a dishwasher.

The final thing we added to the kitchen was a spice rack drawer. After laying out the plans for the cabinets, we found that we had a small dead space on the right side of the dishwasher. Our contractor originally suggested just making a false door for this spot, but I asked if it would be big enough for a spice rack.

Luckily, it was and I LOVE this addition. I’ve had a small plastic lazy susan forever and the spices I don’t use often would always get pushed into the middle and hard to find. I love having the spices in this rack because they’re easy to find and grab. If you ever have a small space in your kitchen you’re not sure what to do with I highly suggest adding one!

Also, you may have noticed there aren’t any outlets along the backsplash in our kitchen. They’re actually hidden underneath the cabinets with some under cabinet lights too. I love this because it keeps the backsplash nice and clean!

Kitchen Details

  • Wall color: Repose Gray – Sherwin Williams
  • Cabinet Color: Alabaster – Sherwin Williams
  • Island Color: Metal Chi – Kelly Moore
  • Counter Tops: Absolute Black (Honed)

Living Room

A picture of a fireplace with painted white brick and shiplap.

Our living room is open to the kitchen (you can see our couch in the oven pictures!) and I love the setup. We’re still working on adding more to the living room, but my favorite part is the fireplace. We had them brick the bottom half and paint it white. They also added trim that matches the rest of the house along with a stained and distressed mantle.

Right above the mantle, I had them add some shiplap. Josh actually built the clock that’s on the fireplace out of pallet wood, I love it!

A picture of a living room with a white fireplace and farmhouse table.

We also have windows on each side of the fireplace that look out to the backyard. On the left side, we have a small entertainment center with our TV. We plan to get a larger one that matches the house better, but for now, we’re using the same one we’ve had forever. I’m also planning to put a rug and coffee table in the living room (it feels really bare right now), so if you have any rug suggestions I’d love to know!

The desk that’s by the couch was also built by Josh. Now that I’m working from home, I like to be able to work in the living room so I can see out to the backyard or have the TV on while I’m working on the computer. There’s also a loveseat that matches the couch on the left side of the desk.

Entry Way/Dining Room

A picture of a table in a dining room.

Our dining room and entryway are kind of open to the kitchen and living room too. There are walls, but they’re pretty open to them. We plan to get a dining room table that matches the house, but right now we’re still using our old one.

Dining Room Details

  • Wall Color: Oyster Bay – Sherwin Williams

A picture of a farmhouse entry table in an entry way.

Josh built this adorable farmhouse style entry table for our entryway and distressed it. The colors match the fireplace and the desk that are in the living room.

The wall color in the entryway is also Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams. If you’re looking for a true gray color that’s not too brown, blue, or green, I highly recommend it! This is the color that we used throughout most of the house and I adore it.


A picture of a bathroom with white tile, white cabinets, and black granite countertops.

Our house has two full bathrooms and a half bathroom. We kept the same color and style of cabinets as well as the same granite throughout all of the bathrooms. We used the same wall color as the dining room in the full bathrooms and went with a classic white hex tile (with a dot) for the flooring.

A bathroom with white subway tiles and a whirlpool tub with shiplap.

We did the same floor tile on the floor of the shower and white subway tiles around it. Our second bathroom matches as far as colors and tiles, just a different layout. The second bathroom is almost like a jack and jill bathroom off of the two back bedrooms in our house.

We also kept the same black granite around the whirlpool tub and added some shiplap around it. We do have separate counters in our bathroom, Josh’s is actually on the other side.

Bathroom Details

  • Wall Color: Oyster Bay – Sherwin Williams

A bathroom with white ship and black countertops.

We wanted to do something a little different in the half bathroom but wanted it to still flow with the rest of the house. We stuck with the same countertops and cabinets but added shiplap on ALL of the bathroom walls.

I’m planning to add some small shelves in the bathroom and colorful decorations to break up the white and black. This picture was taken before we moved in so that’s why the countertops are a little dusty.

A black hexagon tile floor with white grout and shiplap walls.

We stuck with the hexagon tiles for the half bathroom, but changed it up and did black tiles with a white grout. I love it!

Half Bathroom Details

  • Wall Color: Alabaster – Sherwin Williams

Laundry Room

A laundry room with blue walls, white cabinets, and gray tile floor.

I really loved the look of concrete tiles but didn’t want to mess with the upkeep so we went with porcelain tiles that looked like concrete tiles in our laundry room.

For this room, we also used a gray/blue color and I love how it looks with the tile. This picture was also taken before we moved in, but there are washer and dryer there now.

Laundry Room Details

  • Wall Color: Dutch Tile Blue – Sherwin Williams


Repose gray walls with white trim and white doors.

We wanted to keep a very traditional craftsman look to the inside of the house since the outside is a  craftsman style, so we opted for a more square trim versus a molded version. We also did a thicker baseboard, which I really love. We carried the same trim and doors throughout the entire house.

This picture is from our bedroom and the hall leads to our bathroom, which is why there are two small doors there. The two doors on each side go to our closets, they’re open in this picture but we have pocket doors on them to save a little space.

Door/Trim Details

  • Trim/Door Color: Alabaster – Sherwin Williams

Hopefully, you made it to the end of this post. I really had such a hard time narrowing down the pictures and what to share with you. I do plan to put together more personal posts from time to time as well. If there’s anything you’d love to see, let me know!

Also, if you have any questions about tiles, decorations, etc. feel free to ask.

Have a great week, friends!